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Welcome to my online sculpture gallery, my name is Richard and I've been making art as long as I can remember. I've done some painting, pen and ink drawing, and carving but it is sculpture where I feel most at home in my creativity. I am sculpting in clay these days and so excited to finally be setting up my own home studio.

Nature is my primary inspiration, its free forms and limitless beauty fuel my imagination. My creations grow from the ground up and with my hands I incorporate the shapes and textures from the beautiful outdoors.

As a result, my sculpted works often include tree spirits, leaf people, trolls, fauns and other forest denizens. My functional pieces and thrown items almost always grow beyond the traditional. I infuse each with my own personal style and attention to the details that make every one of them special.

When I have created a beautiful piece of art from a mound of clay I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. The process of taking an original idea and giving it life through my craft is magical and a delight to see people respond to it. Each piece proudly bears my artist's mark which is a combination of the alchemical symbol for earth and the egyptian hieroglyph for the letter R.


Thank you for visiting my website and my online gallery, and also thank you for supporting the arts!


I am a proud member of the Potters' Guild of New Jersey, you can find my member page here

These are some Celluclay Trolls I made years ago, they range in height from 12" to over three feet tall! So colorful and happy.

Celluclay Trolls

If you've been around the site already, you may have guessed that I do enjoy the Halloween season. I have made some special things to surprise guests to our home over the years. Here are life sized Regan and Samara sculptures.

Regan and Samara Sculptures

Studio News

2018-09-12 - Chester 2018 - Thank you!

Thank you for coming out to the Chester Craft Fair this past Saturday. It was nice to see so many familiar faces. Hard to believe this was our 7th year there!

2018-09-12 - PGNJ Mountainside NJ Show

I've added the Potter's Guild of NJ Show for Nov. 2018: Events & Shows

2018-02-03 - 2018 Events

I've added shows for 2018: Events & Shows

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